The VERY 1st Post

Hello and welcome. I’m going to go ahead and talk about awkwardness of this being the very first blog post I’VE EVER WRITTEN. With that being said, thank you for taking the time to read this mumbo jumbo ramble. first-post1

I hope this becomes an inspiration to some and to the rest of you this will be for your amusement.

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to tell my story. I hope you will join in on the fun. I’d love to hear your experiences too about traveling the world, fun cooking recipes, and stories in general.

The point of this blog is to talk about traveling, food, and more food. I love food. I love cooking food. I love traveling and eating food. FOOD! Tasting new food in which I’ve never tasted before is one of my favorite hobbies and plus you have to eat or you will DIE.


The direction of the blog is unsure. I know that I plan to discuss traveling and food.  As I will note from this point on I need to make a better method of planning what I write about ahead of time. You probably notice  that I have no planned direction writing this first post, and you’re right.

I’m writing this first post off the cuff because I want to write about what comes to my mind at the very moment. Sometimes when you write off the cuff you can generate some good ideas and mostly bad ideas.  But mostly, the point of this very FIRST post is to say hello. Hello. And now I’ll say goodbye.1370366266000-will-ferrell-1306041347_4_3

I will conclude this post by saying I’m very happy to start writing again. It’s been too long and I hope you stick with me and continue to read my stories and thoughts. I promise the next post will have more substance. Until next time, you stay classy.


– Ben J.


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