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If you are ever in Maui, or even in a tropical island with crystal clear water I highly suggest for you to take action and go snorkeling with a committed crew who are knowledgeable about the waters and locations to spot marine life.

 We booked with Sail Trilogy and departed from Ma’alaea at around 10 am to go snorkeling at Molokini Crater. The crew was absolutely amazing as they provided us with an island style breakfast with their Mom’s recipe of homemade cinnamon rolls, coffee, juice, and seasonal cut fruits. Molokini Crater is a “must-do” on your Maui vacation.  The way to experience the beauty of the Hawaiian waters is to go a sailing catamaran!

Watch the Video:


Sail Trilogy provided plenty of room to accommodate ourselves and our belongings. Their vessel can hold a capacity of 60 passengers.  During the excursion you will visit two snorkeling locations- the crystal clear waters of Molokini* and the remarkable shallows of the Maui coastline that is home to many Hawaiian honu (sea turtle).


They also provide all the snorkel equipment including instruction. Kunal and I decided to deepen our ocean adventure, and upgraded to SNUBA. What is SNUBA? To give you the exact description, SNUBA is a form of surface-supplied diving that uses an underwater breathing system developed by SNUBA International. The word “SNUBA” is a portmanteau of “snorkel” and “scuba”. The swimmer uses swim-fins, a diving mask, weights, and diving regulator as in scuba diving. I will add, and I know Kunal will agree, this is worth the upgrade. We had a great instructor, very professional, that went be the name “Side-Show Todd.” He made sure the entire SNUBA group was taken care of and that we were all together and no-one was struggling.


I’ve never been scuba-diving, but experiencing SNUBA has made me decide that I would like to try scuba next.

After our SNUBA excursion we then entered the boat and grabbed our snorkel and back to the water we went. There are times that the weather will make snorkeling at Molokini Crater or the Maui Coast Line undesirable and dangerous. Luckily, when we were visiting we had no issues of bad weather or rough waters.

The Trilogy family takes their job seriously, while having fun. They do have great responsibility of supporting the local Maui community and have a strong commitment to preserving the ocean and island environment.

 We had so much fun and felt very safe with Sail Trilogy. Kunal’s mother was with us and this was her VERY FIRST experience of swimming in an ocean – actually it was her first time swimming. Sail Trilogy offered their help by providing extra flotation and support in helping her enjoy the beautiful crystal clear water. 

Thank you Sail Trilogy for all your help and providing an amazing time for us all! If we ever do return to Maui, and I’m sure we will be back, we will definitely book another tour.

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  1. Joyce Belfort · March 30, 2017

    Wow you saw a turtle! Nice footage. You scuba without a suit?


    • KuBe · March 30, 2017

      We did see a turtle while snorkeling. During this trip we only when snorkeling and Snuba. Snuba is a little different from scuba, you can only go so far down because your compressed air is in a tank floating above you. Scuba, you have the tank of air strapped to your back. 🙂

      I would recommend SNUBA in the beginning if you’re not use to swimming while breathing underwater. It’s a lot of fun!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Joyce Belfort · March 31, 2017

        Oic, I haven’t done SNUBA before, it does look a lot simplier to do. The SCUBA tank was half my body weight 😂


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