30 Days to Build Muscle, Body Transformation

This coming 30 days, I (Ben Johnson) will be transforming my body into a lean, mean, lots of muscle (hopefully) body. Kunal will be cheering me along the way. 

 (Visit Journey KuBe)

What the heck does this mean? 

Okay, so most likely in 30 days we are not going to add tons of muscle, but I want to see what kind of transformation can be accomplished during this time period. I want to feel the struggle of having to exercise on a daily basis and learn to eat the right meals in order to build muscle.

For the next 30 days, I want to team up with a fellow body builder / trainer out in the blogger & vlogger world. I want you to take me and show me how exactly your techniques can work. 

It’s time to get fit and I’m going to be your “lab rat.” Well, maybe not a lab rat, but I want to give you the opportunity to show me how it can be done while we show others it’s possible to change your body, no matter your size. 

I’ll also will be searching for answers to questions from subscribers, interviewing industry experts on a variety of topics. My goal is to have a FULL understanding of fitness, nutrition and the mental game to keep me on track the rest of my life. If you are game, you can follow right along with me for 30 days and you’ll see how to get in great shape too!

Here is what my body looks like at the moment. Do you think you can help me? 



Let the challenge begin!


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